Welcome to your positive birth experience

'I breathe in calm and breathe out fear'

Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy!

Secondly I'm pleased you've found your way here. Let me tell you a bit about Hypnobirthing and what support I offer through the antenatal and postnatal period.

Hypnobirthing is a specialised birth preparation course suitable for every type of birth supported by evidence based knowledge while providing parents-to-be logical and practical tools to create a positive birth experience. You will learn self-hypnosis, visualisation and breathing techniques to relax, reduce fear and create an atmosphere of calm while feeling in control enabling your body to function as nature intended.

Hypnobirthing is often described as the psychology of birth, I couldn't agree more. 


My journey so far

Hello! My name is Gill, I am mum to three gorgeous children all of which were Hypnobirth babies born into the world through calm and positive births although very different experiences. I am also a Health Visitor and a Registered Nurse.

I first became aware of Hypnobirthing while pregnant with my eldest child when I undertook a Hypnobirthing Course. Being able to approach birth with a different attitude to what I had always known was enlightening, I loved every minute. Not only did I learn the physiology of labour and birth I felt empowered knowing I was in charge of my birth, my body and my baby. Being able to use relaxation at the end of each day to prepare for the 'big day'  helped remove the stresses of everyday life while looking forward to my baby's arrival. 

Hypnobirthing isn't a promise to a pain free birth rather the tools to stay calm and in control, reducing fear to enable your body to work to it's full potential.

Becoming a KGHypnobirthing Teacher was always something I hoped to do. Sharing my love and knowledge of Hypnobirthing, to enable as many parents-to-be to have a positive birthing experience. In 2019 I undertook the Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing Training Course. The KGH course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwifes designed to reflect the current NHS Care system. KGH also train NHS midwifes and student midwifes so you can rest assured the information given is evidence based and consistent with the care you will receive. 

As a fully qualified KGH Teacher I will guide you through the in depth birth preparation course through either group or 1:1 sessions in the Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle and surrounding areas.


The Hypnobirthing Course

I am currently offering online sessions via Zoom due to Covid-19. These will be at a reduced cost of £150 per couple group session or £200 per couple as a private session.

The course covers:

  • The logic of KGHypnobirthing

  • Understanding the stages of labour

  • Types of birth

  • Ways to enhance oxytocin release to reduce the need for intervention during labour and birth

  • KGHypnobirthing techniques-relaxation, Up/Down breathing and visualisation

  • Choosing your birthing place

  • The role of the birth partner

  • Knowing your rights during your pregnancy, labour and birth using B.R.A.I.N 

  • How to use Hypnobirthing in induction and caesarean births

  • Preparing for your baby’s birth day including packing the 'birth bag'

  • Discussing your Birth Preference Template

  • Feeding your baby

  • The 4th Trimester what to expect and how to help your baby transition 

  • An additional home visit in the weeks after delivery is included to reflect on your birth experience

I believe all parents-to-be deserve the opportunity to have a positive and calm birthing experience while feeling in complete control. Explore the rest of our site to learn more about how the antenatal courses are delivered and please get in touch if you have any questions.


Starting solids workshop

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Unsure whether to try purées, baby led weaning or a mix of both?

Join us for a relaxed, informal workshop lasting 2 hours.
You will be provided with a copy of the resources and ongoing support for 6 months.

Playmats and toys will be set up for the little ones and we will enjoy a drink and chat afterwards as well as meeting other parents in the area.

Get in touch to book a space.


Face to face £25 per family

Zoom session £20 per family

Please get in touch for our upcoming dates

Starting Solids Facilitator logo_edited.

Babies who Brunch

Join us for our Babies who Brunch sessions currently held at Isabella's Coffee Shop in Shotley Bridge near Consett.

Suitable for babies 6 month plus

Babies are provided with a selection of finger foods to enjoy while parents/carers gain confidence introducing foods.

You will have time to discuss any worries, ask questions and meet others in this relaxed and friendly monthly group.

All attendees are provided with recipes to try at home along with ongoing support by phone or email if required.

Investment £20 per family.

Berry Waffles

I didn't know what to expect after hearing the term 'Hypnobirthing' but it should be offered to everyone. It's great to know how I can support my partner during labour.

Hypnobirthing Father

Just did a baby weaning course on Zoom with Gill, she was helpful, very thorough. Having a few false starts has given me the confidence to try baby led weaning. I highly recommend. Thanks Gill

Becky Hutley Reay


Gill's starting solids course has given me all the information I needed to start weaning my little girl, I have since felt confident offering finger foods and have so much more time on my hands now I don't have to mash/blend up our food. I would recommend to any new parents.


The thing about Hypnobirthing is that it really works. I begin the course feeling apprehensive and left feeling confident and excited. My baby was born in an atmosphere of calm, I loved every minute.

Hypnobirthing Mother


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